"Sample Wrench is an oasis of hipness in the corporate desert."
-David Boyce, long time Sample Wrench user

Check out these comments from popular magazine reviews:

"Sample Wrench is stable, easy to use and ridiculously powerful...Sample Wrench offers enough effects, filters and sound-manipulation tools to keep anyone busy for months."

"Sample Wrench includes numerous audio-processing routines that you won't find elsewhere...Sample Wrench offers efficient tools for noise reduction and click removal and has a Spectral Warp feature that I have yet to exhaust."

"Sample Wrench is worth having just for working on instrument samples and loops; it's unmatched on the PC in that territory. You may also find yourself using Sample Wrench for general digital audio tasks just because it's so easy to use. The unique DSP functions will draw you back and get your creative juices flowing. Sample Wrench is a great addition to your audio tool box."

"I've found that in the studio using Sample Wrench is invaluable."

"There are tons of tools for twisting and contorting audio."

"It's the only sample editing program I've met that not only urges you to customize it, but tells you how."


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